Traveling On A Budget : Some Cheap Places You Can Travel To


The hype for travelling has grown relatively higher over the years. People are swinging off on vacations to exotic places and living the dream. But not all of us can pull such exotic stunts – even if we have strong desires to. But if we research plenty enough, there are plenty of places we can go to without worrying about the expenses that much.



Thailand is the official hub for backpackers and globetrotters from various places. Why? Because it’s staggeringly cheaper, and very beautiful. It has got breathtaking islands, rich culture, savory cuisines, and lots more.

South Africa


South Africa is one of those places where you can have a life changing safari and not have to worry about it being too expensive.



Vietnam remains a mesmerising location for visitor from allĀ over the world. The must visits are the countryside, waterways, paddy fields. And it’s very affordable to eat here. The street provides delicacies of all kind at a very low price.

Prague, Czech Republic


Prague remains a beautiful vicinity to culture, castles, and some of the finest art and architecture around. It is also one of the cheapest cities in Europe.



India is vibrant, gutsy, and loud. And it is one of those places where you can experience cultures of varying degrees without having to worry much about the money.



Neighbour top India, Nepal is home to breathtaking scenic scapes, mountains, lakes , hill, and all thing nature. It is very easy to get around and relatively cheap too.