Things Every Girl Should Do During Her 20’s


Once we enter our 20’s, life gets faster. There come life decisions to make, people to leave, places to forget – all in between the chaos of all this, we forget to enjoy ourselves. We even forget to take care of ourselves. This list is a reminder that you during your 20s is as young as you’ll ever be, and that you should enjoy that to the fullest.

  1. Date. Fall in love carelessly. Have your heart broken by guys who live in their cars. Cry your heart out. You will grow so much more.
  2. Eat whatever you want. Whether it be the oiliest doughnut ever, or street food in South Asia, eat it. Happiness matters when it comes to food.
  3. But also drink plenty of water, and maybe meditate. If it’s boring to you, then maybe do a temple stay. Ever thought of it? Now you do.
  4. Travel. Everywhere you can, anywhere you want. Save up for a trip with your girls. Or go touring with your boyfriend who is in a band. If it means lots of adventures and memories, go for it.
  5. Learn new things. Take up photography, make a blog, volunteer at an animal shelter, learn poetry, take mystery writing classes, learn a new language.
  6. Spend time with your folks. Because later, you may live in a foreign place studying whatever it is that you want to study, or you’ll meet the love of your life and marry them; and before you know it, you’ll be a folk yourself. Dedicate whatever free time you have to your parents and siblings.
  7. Keep a journal. Draw doodles. Paint. Find a way to voice your feelings and your frustrations with any art form you want.
  8. Shop impulsively. Do not listen to glossy magazines that tell you how to dress. Wear sunglasses in the dark, wear denim on denim – anything you want. Be eccentric.
  9. Get drunk or get high, only if you’re comfortable with it.
  10. Dance, anywhere, everywhere. Because you can.
  11. Learn cooking, or baking, or knitting. Even if you are a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need to do so.
  12. Take a lot of pictures. Of you, of your friends, of your family, of strangers, of cats, anything ! Maybe even print them.
  13. Be a feminist. Fight for what you believe in. Do things that empower you and people around you everyday.
  14. Follow your heart. Study what you want to study. Leave something if it’s not working out. Start fresh. Do not breed in negativity.