These People Are Clearly Geniuses.


Life can be truly intense here and there.

All your food doesn’t fit in the microwave, there is no legitimate approach to spare chocolate chips after gorging a large portion of a sack, and your treats dependably go into disrepair when you dunk them into your milk.

These are some genuine battles.

Fortunately, these  individuals are masters and have been sufficiently thoughtful to impart their profound comprehension of life to us dolts, so that we too might discover things a bit less demanding.

  1. A genius in the making. e3ad985d-6262-4459-ae0d-11793e336a9d_desktop (1)
  2. You wont ever need to lick your fingers guiltily after gulping your Oreos now. 8c163022-97aa-418b-9d73-1a6bd52dd1d7_tablet
  3.  So, so airtight. 2cb7e7c1-032b-46ee-a7e2-0cc99dcadc49_tablet
  4.  Cup noodles are your best friend now. 5c715dfb-2f70-4b96-b85a-7a49c68c009e_tablet
  5. Real Genius. 305197f8-7fe7-45a3-b701-8c9dd0198e5f_tablet
  6.  So inimitably genius. af279f51-b56e-4296-ab6a-a51b25bae2d1_tablet