The Habits Of Long-lasting Couples

Portrait of romantic young couple spending quality time together at home

Tired of seeing happy couples walking hand in hand when your own relationship is crumbling? No idea about what you’re doing wrong ? Sigh no more. Here are tips for a healthier relationship with your significant other.

  • Go to bed together. No need for love-making everyday, just try going to get together. Happy couples don’t sleep at varying times.
  • Discover your common interests. Even if you’re the complete opposite of what your partner is, you may have a common ground. It maybe anything – maybe you both have a knack for photography, or cooking, or writing. Find it and cultivate it.
  • Hold hands. Make your partner aware of your touch and presence. Hold each other in public, in crowds. It will make you more closer.
  • Try to forgive. Analyse what the mistake is, and try to find a way to forgive it.
  • Focus on their bright sides. Maybe your partner is a bad cook, but a total darling when it comes to cleaning. Focus on the latter more.
  • Hug. Never forget to hug. Nothing is more soulful than an honest embrace.
  • Say “I love you” more, at odd times, in the mornings, anytime you feel doing so. It’s the oldest trick in the book.
  • Check in on them. Make sure your partner knows that you’re thinking of them.
  • Be playful. Send flowers to each other. Send cheesy texts. Face-time when you’re away.
  • Be proud to be seen with each other. It feels brilliant, trust me.