How about we be genuine here — generally, our lives are really uninteresting. Wake up, go to work, scan Facebook on lunch, go home, watch Netflix, go to bed, rehash. When it’s put like that, it’s sort of discouraging, but at the same time it’s the reason we LOVE being onlookers.

There’s something about watching other individuals’ lives that just sucks us in. Whether it’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians or unlimited reruns of Wipeout, it’s more than just amusement — it’s treatment.

For me, however, it’s the shockingly WTF stuff that gets me. Pictures like these never neglect to brighten me up.

  1. … My Hospital allows this, I SWEAR. d94ba82f-f738-4a77-8aca-02870be596ee_tablet
  2. Taking accessorising to a whole new level.0543f293-afde-49c2-8a61-9963401b33f1_tablet
  3.  ” Australia ” 553c60a2-efaf-403a-9c7f-7f45eaea8c29_tablet
  4. 5 minutes to evacuate…. 33a03b87-c752-4725-aac0-750c5113968c_tablet
  5. Have a good time sleeping, mate ! 2e4606e7-460d-400a-b92d-a1c97ea948fe_tablet