My name is Ganesh Moktan.


The month of Shrawan and Janai purnima is one of those times for us to work for a month and earn to meet our expenses for a year.
My name is Ganesh Moktan. I have come all the way from Syapru to Goshaikunda to help my grandfather in his hotel for Janai Purnima. This is the earning season for us. Thousands of people come to visit Goshaikunda for holy reasons. Right now we are really busy, as you can see. When the mela is over, all the stalls here will close and this place will be silent and empty like before, for a year again. In the duration of this one month, many villagers and children like me come from their villages to Goshaikunda to work and earn.
After the full moon day, all the stalls will be removed and I will go back home.
– Ganesh Moktan, Goshaikunda


Hemanta Lamichanne