2007 , it was when we landed in Poland with our student visa. When our intentions were to get to Spain as per our deal. So, within a week of staying in Warsaw , (capital of Poland), one of the guy who has been there for a while gave us an idea about hidden migration which means an illegal migration being hidden in big cargo trucks. There was a special name for that procedure “Donkey Way” and it would be looked well by some Pakistani mafias. We thought that was a great idea as long as we are getting what we wanted. That day, there were 8 of us waiting for them to come and pick us up and take us to our dream-land . We were nervous but were still sailing on the blue sky of our beautiful thoughts. But, soon all those thoughts were about to get shattered with some storms. After a while , 2 taxis came to pick us up. They divided us into 2 groups. After driving about an hour, they took us to an apartment. But we were just a group of 4 now by the time we reached there. We had no clue about the other 4 friends. They warned us to stay very quietly and truck would come and pick us up at midnight. Us making noise would be disturbing the neighbours and get police invited before getting deported. We waited until 12 and 1 and 2 and it went on but noone came to rescue us. Around 6 Pm, the next day two Pakistani guys came and started shouting ‘you guys have been kidnapped ‘ and the reason they gave was being unpaid by our agent. They took one of your friend outside the garden and pointed gun to his face and made him call our other friend agent who had all our money and was supposed to be settled down after we get to Italy. They made him talk in hindi so they would understand and he said and asked everything on the phone . He was a clever guy so he gave all information but didn’t use our code word “Jaya Sambho” which would mean that there is someone involved in the phone call behind our voice. It made me proud as it was my idea of making a code word. A pride that didn’t last long. After that we were locked inside that apartment with very little food,water or air. We haven’t had shower for more than weeks by then. We were so scared that we didn’t even dare to make amy noise or shout out for help. It was a complete silence in the apartment for next 3 days. On the 4th day the guys came to our room during the evening and said they would let us go by tomorrow and left. That night, we did everything inside that apartment to help us as we thought they would either kill or make us pay something very expensive as a trade before letting us go. After searching the apartment for few hours, i found few keys and one came out to be our door lock key. I immediately asked my friends to run away and save ourselves. But no one stepped up as they were too scared if those mafias would still be outside. I was very disappointed but i didn’t lose my faith, so i packed my bag and left the apartment straight away. Not even 200 metres and i saw my friends running towards me. I felt relieved afterall we were out, alive and didn’t have to pay anything. We then took the bus to city and stayed in the hotel for a week. Later we found that, they took 400 € per head for the other boys we were kidnapped that night. So after our escape we decided to leave Warsaw and rent a whole house somewhere far from the city. We found one and moved in very soon. It was 29 kms far from our college. It was a small village and we lived very happily there for a while. We would go to nearest jungle to hunt wild mushrooms, we would fish all day and play football. By then I completely forgot that it’s been more than 3 weeks I haven’t had chat with my family and friends. That moment i realized that things are going to be alot different as we grow up and it’s natural because we all deal with different kind of sufferings as we move on to our life journey. We stayed there for a while before setting up an another journey to our destination. I thought it’d be all good from now but the worst was yet to come.

By Hemanta Lamichanne