I’m the kind of person who counts down for their birthday since months ago


I’m the kind of person who counts down for their birthday since months ago, even when its “11 months to go!”. I love birthdays, because its your special day, its all about you. You get the compliments you don’t always hear. You get your favourite food and GIFTS! Even if you’re getting older everytime, these things make it better.
This time, I haven’t been counting down, I’m scared to. The friends who surprised me at midnight for the past years don’t talk to me anymore. This year, will they do the same? Will there be some other people doing that? or will there be no one? In either case, it won’t be the same. The people who competed to give me the first birthday call at midnight some years back would hardly care about the date anymore. Its never gonna be the same.
While writing this, I realised, things never stay the same and maybe that’s good. This time, some new people might post good things about me. Someone who has never called before may decide to make the midnight wish. Some people who were just guests in my last birthday might choose to be the organizers! And I might just save a lot of money for not having to give a treat to a huge group. Things not being the same creates so many possibilities, and it really will be a surprise this time. So let me keep the countdown going anyway!


By Hemanta Lamichanne