I was just strolling around the Basantapur area


I was just strolling around the Basantapur area, looking for some great pictures for my “not so great” collection. Just as I was capturing pictures of puppets and monuments, the bright pink color of cotton candies caught my eyes. When I went closer and started taking pictures of those mouthwatering sweet things, the young boy selling them called me. As I smiled to him he said, “Please take my picture as well, I will say cheese!” and gave me a wide grin. I took a few pictures of him and watched him smile and get super excited all that while. When I told him I was done, he came to me innocently and happily and asked, “When will this photo come in the newspaper?”
I had nothing to say, so I just smiled and asked for two of those cotton candies. He gave them to me, thanked me and left for his daily job in the scorching afternoon. Holding those candies in my hand while walking kept on reminding me to learn to find happiness even in the tiniest of things in life, with whatever I have.
-Prashanna Bajracharya