I found this watch in front of a private school


“I found this watch in front of a private school. I used to go and watch their students play football. I always sit at the boundary line and wait for the ball to come to me, so I can kick it once and show them I can also play. Though, I was never allowed to play, since their teacher never let me, neither am a student of their school. But one day while sitting on the boundary line, I found this watch. I asked around about it, but no one came to claim it. So, I kept it with me. I took care of it like as it was mine. This was my first watch, I always wanted to have one of these. After a week, I got to know that it belonged to a kid from that private school. I didn’t feel like returning the watch, but it would have been wrong on my side if I still had kept it with me. So, I went to return it, and that kid said ‘If you like this watch then you should keep it.’ For a while I thought that he is just messing around with me. But he was adamant of giving me his watch. He told his parents that he lost his watch playing and took a scolding for me. He shouldn’t have lied, but he said this is what a friend does for another friend. We don’t see each other often as you know colony kids and private school kids are not allowed to play together. Usually it’s the parents and their teachers who are like that. But I really wish someday I can play with him, he is a very nice boy. Probably we’ll be in the same football team, and defeat the opponent.”