How To Look Effortlessly Cool


There are women who like to look polished, posh, and preppy. And then there is the lot which desires who have bed hair that doesn’t look too shaggy, and loose shirts that have one too many buttons open – without looking like it was intented. Think Camille Rowe, or Kate Moss, or Caroline De Maigret – they are all the epitome of epic cool-ness. And I have collected some ideas with which you can look effortlessly cool yourself.

  • Buy yourself a classic black leather jacket, first and foremost. It doesn’t have to be real leather. It could be faux, any can do. It will go with anything – jeans, dresses, suede pants, anything!
  • Invest in some unisexual flats. Menswear mules, ankle boots, converses.
  • ┬áStop using hair straighteners. Leave your hair messy – but clean. One thing you can do is loosely plait your hair while sleeping and let them loose the following day.
  • Do not wear head to toe – the same thing. Mix and match. Try contrasting and do not be afraid to wear bold colors.
  • You can never have too much of denim. Invest in some plain denim pants. Oversized denim jackets. Denim washed shirts. They all scream “cool”.
  • Always own a white loosely fitting shirt. Pair it with jeans and maybe throw the leather jacket in.
  • Look for vintage stuff. Clutches, bangles, obscure jewelry – go thrift shopping. You’ll find a lot of gems for a reasonably cool price.
  • But most importantly – don’t be obsessed on a lookbook or magazine that tells you how to dress. Listen to your instincts. Wear what you feel comfortable in. Do it all for your own pleasure. That is the hallmark of the real cool girl !