Ever since the beginning, I have been called as “The FIGHTER”


Ever since the beginning, I have been called as “The FIGHTER”. I wonder at times if I am the only one to be called that. I am in my forties, unmarried and an independent nurse by profession.
Life has always taught me to struggle. As I was struggling to live, in my thirties I discovered about suffering from breast cancer. Luckily, it was in it’s early stage a simple operation and numerous chemotherapies help me recover. Everything changed, life seemed so dark. After 5 years of supervised treatment, life was finally being back to normal. I thought now I will always be happy. But life is so unfair at times.
Suddenly, I had one month long cough. After checking up the entity body, I found out I was again suffering from cancer- this time lungs cancer. It is in third stage and I don’t hope to live a normal life ever again. The pain of chemotherapies and all other things is now unbearable. I don’t wish to live anymore. All my struggles have been a waste, all that I earned is now used for treatment. I’m so much frustrated. All I see is a dark cloud coming towards me now, all the colors of life have been washed away.

By Hemanta Lamichanne