A few days back



A few days back, two street children took my bag and ran away. Inside the bag was the money I had earned selling tea here, and a picture of my mother; they took it all.
When my mother was with me, I had visited Kathmandu with her twice. Since 4 years, after her death, I have been living here at Kathmandu with my father and elder brother. My father is a security guard and brother is a driver, whereas I sell tea at Pashupati during the evening “aarati”.
-What about school?
I study in grade 5. My school is not far from here. During the daytime I go to school and when it ends I come here to do my work in the evening.
-And who makes the tea?
Me, of course. Haha, I even cook rice myself. Do you wish to drink some tea?
– Nischal Chhetri, aged 12, Pashupatinath

-Hemanta Lamichanne