5 Life Hacks To Make Life Easier.

  1. Use teabags for sunburns – Being sunburnt is no fun. However, there’s a remedy for treating it. You can apply teabags directly onto your wounds or press a tea-soaked washcloth onto your skin. g5cjzzb6jzx2puaqgwgv
  2. Shave your sweaters – Clean the pilling off a sweater by shaving it with a razor. Just like when shaving your own face, you need to be careful not to ruin the fabric. Using a women’s razor might be a safer bet.sdjfsml7ietgvqufxsi0
  3. Fix a stuck zipper with graphite – Believe it or not, rubbing graphite on zipper teeth will lubricate the zipper if it’s stuck.okiqbizbiharidn793dw (1)
  4. Stuff newspaper in your shoes to remove odor –Stuff your sneakers and shoes with newspaper. They’ll soak up the moisture and any smells they’ve managed to acquire!iodxqullhlwfvz9b9txl
  5. Try on pants without actually trying them on-For those of you daredevils too lazy to wait in line for fitting rooms, there’s another way to gauge whether you’ll fit into a pair of jeans or pants. Place your fist and elbow into the waistband of your pants. That distance is roughly the size of your waist, so if you can squeeze your fist and elbow into them, you’ll probably fit into those bad boys just fine.n2ydtepcmp50tnaoa6ac (1)