11 Dreams That Predict Death


Dreams take us to a magical portal of peculiar happenings. Many people have experienced strange dreams before something unfortunate happens to them or their relatives and friends alike. There are happenings where before the death of someone, a close one saw dreams of crowded places or other uncomfortable settings. Dreaming about death is a painful things.

Your Dreams may be trying to convey a message

Not even science has fully been able to discover the mystery of dreams. Which is why dreams have always been mysterious. The things we see in our dreams should not be ignored. Different places and beliefs have different takes on dreams. Lets see what our dreams may be trying to convey to us.

Black colors

Black usually depicts the unknown, dangerous ,mysterious , darkness , death , grief ,or mourning. The color black in your dreams may be a warning for you. It may also depict a lack of love and positivity.


The meaning of snakes can be ambiguous according to several beliefs. In some beliefs,they signify danger and calamities, while in others they signify intelligence and peace.

Black cat

For ages black cats have been a vicinity of mysteriousness and black magic. Seeing a black cat in your dream may depict insecurity. It also symbolizes bad luck.

Fallen tooth

It has been believed that seeing you teeth fall may mean the death of a near one. But it may easily be the reason of a toothache too.

Black bird

Black birds are known as the messenger of death. Black crows and birds are usually seen where there is death.

Caressing a Child

If you see yourself taking care of a child,and if the child ends up crying, it may mean that you are near to your death or a close person to you is gonna die.

Saving a drowning person

If you save a drowning person in your dream, the souls in the water are believed to punish you for it.

Travel plans

If you dream of planning a travel to a certain place, it is not considered good to go to that place right away.

Recurring dreams

When you have a recurring dream, it is considered best not to ignore it.

Singing and dancing

When you see yourself singing and dancing in your dream, it is believed that it may mean someone is going to murder you.

Drinking alone

Seeing yourself drinking alone in your dreams may mean a close death.